Areca Areca Coffee Pot in Powder colour
ArecaAreca Milk Jar in Light Green colour
ArecaAreca Sugar Bowl with Lid in Black colour
AzollaAzolla Mug Set in Black and Red colour W150 L110 H87
AzollaAzolla Mug Set in Blue and Pink colour W150 L110 H87
BlowerBlower Big Rice Bowl Set in assorted colour W175 L175 H60
Blower Blower Dinner Plate in Green colourW250 L250 H45
Blower Blower Large Serving Bowl in Grey colourW230 L230 H80
Blower Blower Serving Tray in Grey colourW340 L170 H35
Blower Blower Small Dip Plate set in assorted colour W80 L65 H27
Blower Blower Small Rice Bowl set in assorted colour W122 L125 H55
BlowerBlower Tea Cup in Grey colour W145 L110 H87
LilacLilac Cup in Grey colour W75 L75 H80
LilacLilac Dinner Plate in Orange colour W210 L210 H50
LilacLilac Large Bowl in Green colour W180 L180 H60
LilacLilac Large Soup Bowl in Grey colour W230 L230 H80
LilacLilac Rice Bowl in Green colour
LilacLilac Serving Plate in Orange colour W265 L265 H25
LilacLilac Small Bowl in Grey colour W125 L145 H85
LilacLilac Small Dinner Plate in Grey colour
LilacLilac Small Dip Bowl in Grey colour W85 L85 H30
TideTide Dinner Plate in Jet colour W278 L272 H44
TideTide Large Serving Bowl in Pistachio colour W337 L240 H93
Tide Tide Medium Serving Bowl in Blossom colour W240 L240 H70
Tide Tide Rice Bowl in Jet colour W127 L110 H61
TideTide Salad Plate in Blossom colour W198 L189 H36
TideTide Small Dip Bowl in Pistachio colour W93 L99 H53
TideTide Small Plate in Blossom colour W140 L149 H22
VertiverVertiver Cup W80 L80 H105
VertiverVertiver Cup W80 L80 H105
VertiverVertiver Small Rice Bowl W115 L115 H60
VertiverVertiver Small Rice Bowl W115 L115 H60
VertiverVertiver Small Bowl W115 L115 H60
VertiverVertiver Tea Pot W150 L115 H130





Caring For Upholstered Furniture

Flip your seats and back cushions periodically to extend the life of your cushions so that both sides wear evenly through the years. As most of our upholstery are made of foam, it is also advisable to shake them regularly to ensure stability.

Keeping My Fabric And Leather Last

It is important to take note of the placement of your furniture. Direct sunlight can damage the fabric and leather's original brightness and texture. It makes the material brittle and weak, so make sure to avoid exposing your furniture to direct sunlight.

Maintaining Metal Shine

Metal surfaces have good resistance to dirt and liquids, but prolonged exposure to water can stain metal and even stainless steel, so it is important to keep metal surfaces dry. Dusting should be done with a soft, cotton cloth or towel.