ClusterCluster White Aluminium Floor Lamp H1450 D280
CraneCrane Matt Black Floor Lamp DIA100 H1400
CricketCricket Matt Black Floor Lamp H1570 DIA135 H140
GerbilGerbil Matt Black and Matt Antique Brass Floor Lamp W220 H1500
Long-NeckedLong-necked Red Aluminium Floor Lamp W1550 D460 H2150
Long-NeckedLong-necked Black Aluminium Floor Lamp W1550 D460 H2150
Long-Necked Long-necked Matt Red Floor LampW1700 D500 H1975
Mantis Mantis Triple Light Matt Black Aluminium+Steel Floor LampH2090 W1550 D1430
Slug Slug Matt Black Floor LampH2000 D885 DIA230
Beetles Beetles Red Carbon Steel Pendant Lamp DIA220 H160
Cape Cape White Aluminium+Carbon Steel Pendant Lamp DIA465 H300
GerbilGerbil Matt Black and Matt Antique Brass Pendant Lamp DIA870 H800-1500
LemurLemur Black Aluminium Pendant Lamp DIA257 H2000
MacawMacaw Copper colour Round shape Pendant Lamp with Round shape light bulb DIA300 H200
MacawMacaw Brass colour Pear shape Pendant Lamp with Pear shape light bulb DIA200 H300
MitesMites Matt Black and Glossy Brass Pendant Lamp DIA 450
NativeNative Yellow Aluminium Pendant Lamp DIA440 H1500
ParrotParrot Small Round Grey Poly Resin Pendant Lamp DIA170 H150
ScoterScoter Thin Wood Black Aluminium Pendant Lamp DIA220 H420
ScoterScoter Thin Wood Black Aluminium Pendant Lamp DIA550 H395
SlugSlug Matt Green Pendant Lamp
SlugSlug Glossy Copper Pendant Lamp DIA 180
BeaverBeaver Matt Grey and Copper DIA180 H320
Caddis Caddis Yellow Aluminium Table Lamp H570 D130
Cluster Cluster White Aluminium Table Lamp H370 D280
CraneCrane Glossy Brass Table Lamp DIA100 H600
CricketCricket Matt Black Table Lamp with additional removable clamp DIA135 H140
GerbilGerbil Matt Black and Matt Antique Brass Table Lamp W210 H500
MantisMantis Matt Black Aluminium+Steel Table Lamp H375 W515 D270
SlugSlug Matt Black Table Lamp H420 / D310 DIA120
SlugSlug Matt White Table Lamp DIA85 H450
WeevilWeevil Matt Red Table Lamp DIA90 H405
CricketCricket Matt Black Wall Lamp L450 H210
GerbilGerbil Matt Black and Matt Antique Brass Wall Lamp DIA135 H140
SlugSlug Copper Wall Lamp DIA120 D620 H390
SlugSlug Glossy Brass Wall Lamp DIA120 H150





Caring For Upholstered Furniture

Flip your seats and back cushions periodically to extend the life of your cushions so that both sides wear evenly through the years. As most of our upholstery are made of foam, it is also advisable to shake them regularly to ensure stability.

Keeping My Fabric And Leather Last

It is important to take note of the placement of your furniture. Direct sunlight can damage the fabric and leather's original brightness and texture. It makes the material brittle and weak, so make sure to avoid exposing your furniture to direct sunlight.

Maintaining Metal Shine

Metal surfaces have good resistance to dirt and liquids, but prolonged exposure to water can stain metal and even stainless steel, so it is important to keep metal surfaces dry. Dusting should be done with a soft, cotton cloth or towel.