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There’s always plenty going on in NestNordic.com exciting design world and we are delighted to share with you. We are not only about furniture but an attitute to live a Scandinavian liftstyle. NestNordic.com is collaborating with selected movies and drama series. This is where you can see how reactions happened between NestNordic.com with actors and create sparkles. Different furniture combination displayed in the scene represent the particular lifestyle of the actors. Let NestNordic.com excavate your own personality! Let's move your life and feel the design!

1. Oh My Venus
2. I Have A Lover
3. Mrs. K

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Quality & Service


It’s okay to be picky. We are very picky when choosing our materials, because we want your furniture to last long. Very long. See nestnordic.com for more information about all our product materials and product care.


Each piece of furniture at NestNordic.com is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. We only use the best materials and we strive for quality and precision. All of the designs at NestNordic.com are produced under strict quality control as well as good environmental and production conditions.


Backed by years of experience and expertise, we are confident of our product quality. This is why our wooden products and upholstery sofas come with warranty - abiding to termsand conditions of individual product.


At NestNordic.com, you’ll find unique designer furniture and reasonable prices all wrapped in one. By eliminating unnecessary costs and minimizing our stock, we make sure you only pay for what you really appreciate – design and quality.


Nobody likes dusty furniture. That’s why we don’t believe in having a lot of stock. Instead, we let you choose your favourite design and then producing it for you once you have placed your order. This is your assurance of getting high quality furniture, tailor-made just for you. Home delivered within 3-4 weeks.


No matter what time it is, you can always go online and browse the entire collection, use our 3D design tool, listen to our music, or simply place an order. Our website is filled to the brim with new and inspiring stuff.

Deliver to your Doorstep

Nestnordic.com furniture are designed and conveniently packed in flat boxes so that you can transport them yourself from the store to your home.

24 months Warranty

All Nestnordic.com furniture carries a twenty four (24) months warranty so you can rest easy and enjoy your furniture with peace of mind.

Learning to Care.

Caring For Upholstered Furniture

Flip your seats and back cushions periodically to extend the life of your cushions so that both sides wear evenly through the years. As most of our upholstery are made of foam, it is also advisable to shake them regularly to ensure from stability.

Keeping My Fabric And Leather Last

It is important to take note of the placement of your furniture. Direct sunlight can damage the fabric and leather's original brightness and texture. It makes the material brittle and weak, so make sure to avoid exposing your furniture to direct sunlight.

Maintaining Metal Shine

Metal surfaces have good resistance to dirt and liquids, but prolonged exposure to water can stain metal and even stainless steel, so it is important to keep metal surfaces dry. Dusting should be done with a soft, cotton cloth or towel.