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nestnordic.com takes pride in our close knit team of designers from Scandinavian nations, who live and breathe the refined way of life we would like to offer to our patrons. Masterminds behind our exquisite collections, our talented team is fueled by pure passion and design expertise. Whether they are fresh talents emerging into the design scene or established professionals with their own signature brand, each one of them shares one thing in common – their love for new Scandinavian designs.

Jacob Bendtzen

Jacob was excited by the prospect of collaborating with nestnordic.com when the idea first came to life.

With a Master Degree in Design & Communication Management out of Copenhagen, Jacob has a natural, intuitive understanding of the Scandinavian design tradition that is such an important part of the nestnordic.com DNA.

Jacob gets his inspiration from everywhere and everyday life. He always strives to make his designs simple and intuitive – something that’s not too time specific or complicated to approach. Basically his designs are functional, straightforward and poetic at the same time. Jacob’s commercial background, coupled with his passion for furniture and a good eye for detail, sets him apart from the automation crowd.




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Become a partner

We know from experience that the capital and competencies that are required to become a successful nestnordic.com Lifestyle Concept Store partners as below:-


You would need a showroom space of minimum 400 sqm with a 4 meter height ceiling.

The showroom shall provide convenience parking. You may spot the showroom inside premises of business building or shopping area with high volume of traffic / crowd that is near to the exclusive and modern residential areas.

It would be better if there are more new housing project within a circumference of 50km of showroom.

Depending on size and location, the total start up investment required for a showroom is between USD 150,000 – USD 350,000.

You are willing and have the capacity to open 1- 3 showrooms within a same city.

You have an optimistic and positive attitude towards employee involvement and are willing to motivate your employees.

You understand that you are a team member of a nestnordic.com and you developyour business according to the concept.

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You will find our inspiring nestnordic.com stores in Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Sabah, Sarawak, Hong Kong and Philippines.


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Regardless of whether you have a question about our product, order information or simply want to know more information about us. Our customer service is ready via Skype, e-mail and the phone is looking forward to assist and help you.


Delivery & return

Nobody likes dusty furniture. That’s why we don’t believe in having a lot of stock. Instead, we let you choose your favourite design and then producing it for you once you have placed your order. This is your assurance of getting high quality furniture, tailor-made just for you. Home delivered within 3-4 weeks.


Warranty & service

Backed by years of experience and expertise, we are confident of our product quality. This is why our wooden products and upholstery sofas come with warranty – abiding to terms and conditions of individual product.